Furnace type FB 36 kW



  • Each channel can be adjustable indivudally
  • Backup for 256 receipes
  • Monitore excess temperature safety (+20 °C)
  • Display of the temperature curve history
  • Hour counter
  • Flame detector
  • Automatic ignition system for protective gas, type "Piezo"
  • Introduction of values for temperatures, passing time, ON/OFF for motors, valves etc. on HMI
  • Détection of the conveyor belt blockages
  • Monitoring of the tensioning of the conveyor belts
  • Automatic pyrolysis cleaning cycle for the conveyor belts and the muffle
  • Automatic stop of the conveyor belts for unloading of delicate pieces
  • Display of the measurements, the faults, with date and time as well as the status of the alarms
  • Automatic ON/OFF mode for conveyor belts and the heating of the gases, with standby programm
  • Homogenéity and reproducibility of results



  • Bluing
  • Brasing
  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Bright hardening
  • Treatment of precious metals


Various options are available upon request !

  • Backup for 2000 receipes
  • Bar code for recipes
  • Remote maintenance
  • 1 USB port on operator panel for print screen
  • Pint-out of temperature curves (if compatible)
  • 1 temperature sensor for calibration of heating channels
  • Energy saving mode
  • Temperature control via double thermocouple
  • Intégré water cooler on the furnace
  • Programmable H2-N2 gas mixer
  • Programmable H2-AR gas mixer
  • Ammonia cracker (NH3)
  • Trays for loading und unloading
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Adjustable cooling system on HMI
  • Gas mixer programmable via HMI
    FB 1-001