Furnace type FB 1

We offer the following modules : 


  • Loading module
  • Heating module
  • Cooling module (water)
  • Unloading module
  • Usable width on the conveyor belts 40 mm to 90 mm



Advantages and principales : 


  • Maintenance made significantly easier thanks to fast and easy access to wear parts
  • Heating module can be opened for a visual inspection of the muffle, the heating elements and the thermocouples
  • By adding additional modules or channels with different dimensions this type of furnace can be extended at any time
  • Compact furnace, space-saving installation
  • high-performance insulating materials




  • Brasing
  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Bright hardening
  • Bluing
  • Treatment of precious metals




Various options are available upon request !

  • Backup for 2000 recipes
  • Bar code for recipes
  • Bar code for the operator
  • Remote maintenance
  • Water flow monitoring
  • 1 USB port on operator panel for print screen
  • Print-out of alarms (if compatible)
  • Print-out of temperature curves (if compatible)
  • 1 temperature sensor for calibration of heating channels
  • Energy saving mode
  • Temperature control via double thermocouple
  • Adjustable cooling system on HMI
  • Programmable H2 – Ngas mixer
  • Programmable H2 –Ar gas mixer



Four type FB 1




FB 1-page0001



Furnace length upon request !


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