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Recruitments multi-card sales agents France and Germany
Industry: industrial electric furnaces
FESP founded in 1999 is a Swiss company specializing in the construction of industrial electric furnaces.
Our company has grown considerably these last 3 years and launched on the market for new furnaces generations. To find new niches, we are looking for multicard commercial agents in France and Germany (who can speak at least two languages) who will be responsible for proposing and sell our products.
Our product range contains several types of furnaces .You can discover the entire range of: http://www.fesp.ch/index.php/en/produits
•Automatic machining
•Dental technology
•Manufacture of industrial springs
•Watch industry
•Jewellery crafts
•Production of glasses
•Leather goods
•Medical technology
•Precious metals
Ideal profile
The ideal candidate must be reliable, motivated, excellent communicator, knowledge in the field of heat treatments would be one more. A support in terms of formation will be exempted by our person in charge of sales.


Fours Electriques Industriels
M. Claude Miserez
Serge Paratte SA
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To contribute to the training of young apprentices, FESP collaborates with the school of the technical jobs by Porrentruy.


So, we welcome regularly one or several of their pupils automation specialists for a practical internship within our company.

The FESP company employs at present an apprentice who makes hisapprenticeship for a duration of 4 years.